Apprenticeship Forms

Registering Your Apprenticeship & Receiving Reimbursement

*Interested in becoming an apprentice through your employer? Please fill out this form.

Printable Instructions can be found here.

Contact the Apprenticeship Network for assistance.

In Ohio or Pennsylvania – email Megan Wagner Ingram at

Employer Reviews the Employer Reimbursement Policy and agrees to terms within.

Employer completes the Employer Reimbursement Application and submits the Standards of Apprenticeship for which they are seeking reimbursement.

*Employers participating in MVMC’s group sponsored model communicates this with their Application.

Employer sends the Application and the Standards of Apprenticeship to the MVMC via email:

The West Central Job Partnership (MVMC’s fiscal agent) will draw up a Registered Apprenticeship Master Agreement and submit the Agreement to the employer for review and signature.

When an apprentice is registered (either through an individual company apprenticeship or the group sponsored model apprenticeship), the employer will submit a copy of the Ohio Apprenticeship Agreement or Pennsylvania Apprenticeship Agreement, along with the Apprenticeship Agreement Addendum (Ohio / Pennsylvania) questionnaire and the Ohio State Apprenticeship Council’s Voucher of Credit for Apprentices’ Previous Experience (When Applicable. Ohio only)

The MVMC will notify the West Central Job Partnership that an apprentice/s has been registered. The West Central Job Partnership will then issue an Addendum to the Master Agreement. This Addendum will outline the reimbursement rate and eligible training costs.

The Employer is responsible for invoicing the West Central Job Partnership at agreed upon reimbursement periods. An invoice template will be provided by West Central Job Partnership.