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Manufacturing Careers

Learn about the career opportunities, including the related credentials and relevant education & training programs as well as links to current job postings.


Manufacturing Readiness Program

In this 6-week program participants have the opportunity to:

  • Receive guidance from a Career Coach and develop a personal career plan
  • Develop workplace & personal skills through manufacturing-related learning
  • Enter into a career pathway and succeed in skilled manufacturing production
  • Gain the basic skills for entry into more advanced manufacturing skill training

Individuals successfully completing this program will earn nationally-recognized and transferrable credentials (WorkKeys® National Career Readiness Certificate, OSHA-compliant 10 hour safety for general industry, and the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council Certified Production Technician (MSSC CPT) credential.  Completers will also have the opportunity to interview for entry-level production careers with local Manufacturers.  Click here for more information.

This program is sponsored by the Oh-Penn Manufacturing Collaborative with funds from a U.S. Department of Labor Workforce Innovation Fund grant.

The Importance of Credentials

Industry-recognized credentials validate what workers know and are able to do. They take the guesswork out of hiring and promotion, and help reduce costs and minimize risk.

  • Candidates with credentials have demonstrated their ability.
  • Certified workers come to the company ready to work and learn.
  • Certified workers understand the importance of safety and quality.
  • Employers have reported as much as 50% reduction in turnover resulting from hiring certified workers.
  • Certified workers are better candidates for promotion.
  • A recent poll of regional employers showed that 75% of employers agreed that industry recognized credentials were important for closing the skill gap.

Industry-recognized skills certifications are a way for you to know that your potential employees have documented skills. The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) is leading the national effort to address skills gaps and has found that supporting credentialing can begin to address these issues. Employers who hire employees with industry-recognized credentials know they are are getting someone with strong baseline skills in manufacturing, someone who can work in a team environment, and someone who will help the company’s productivity, safety record and quality assurance.

There are several industry-recognized credentials that can be used to validate skills when developing job descriptions.  To find out more about these industry-recognized credentials, visit: