For Students

Today’s Manufacturing industry provides you with immediate access to employment with little or no debt from training programs or college. Manufacturing provides you with more than just a job now… it’s a career pathway, meaning you will have opportunities for advancement your entire working life. Learn more here.

For Parents

There are great opportunities in the Manufacturing industry for your children both in our region and across the country. Careers in Manufacturing pay well above average and there are many ways that employees can advance up a career pathway. Find out more here.

For Educators/Counselors

One of the goals of Industry Needs You is to assist educators in providing more comprehensive and accurate career advisement to students through real-time feedback from industry about occupational trends and the most promising career opportunities. Educators can also access professional development opportunities available including the Educator in the Manufacturing Workplace and Counselor Boot Camp programs. Learn more here.

For Employers

Are you a manufacturer in the Oh-Penn Interstate Region? Learn about the resources available for current and new workers to validate skills, train employees. Learn how to become Involved, and find qualified job candidates.

For Job-seekers

Are you interested in a career in Manufacturing? Learn about the career opportunities, including the related credentials and relevant education & training programs as well as links to current job postings. Learn more here.