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Michael Toole’s Return 2 NWPA Story

Michael Toole is not originally from Northwest Pennsylvania, but that hasn’t stopped him from doing important work for the community. Originally, he’s from Philadelphia and his wife Tina Toole is from Connecticut, but they ultimately settled in the area.

            Toole attended Cornell University, earning a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering. While in school he met his wife Tina and upon graduating in 1978, he started working for a company in Chicago called UOP LLC for a little over six years doing technical traveling work.  During this time traveling with his wife, they eventually started a family. In 1982, his job allowed him to visit many different states and on one trip, he had the opportunity to travel through Warren, Pennsylvania. He saw how nice the area was and decided that moving to this new city could be next for them. The area was smaller and had a calmer setting than what they were used to.

            They were pleased with the rural scenery and weather. Being outdoor people, their new neighborhood was perfect for them and their two kids. “The weather here is fabulous; we felt very lucky to be able to experience such conditions weather wise,” said Tina Toole. The move also helped them save money because the cost of living was lower. There were also not as many options in the small town to shop. Mr. Toole stated, “The lifestyle here is easier.”

            Mike Toole began looking for other work after six years of travel.  Both he and his wife wanted to move closer to family in Pennsylvania and New England.  He landed a job at United Refining Company, which is an oil company that fuels local gas station such as County Fair, and Kwik Fill.

            Working for United Refining Company for 34 years, Toole was asked about his accomplishments. For the first six years, until 1991, he worked as a process engineer. Then, he was promoted to a refining engineer. In May 1994, he became the senior refining engineer for the company. Toole held this position for the company until January 2013 when he became vice president for refining.

            In January 2019, he retired from his successful career. Toole left with 40 years of experience in the petroleum refining industry. When he is not helping out in his community, he is relaxing with his wife and children. Spending time with his family and traveling is when he is the happiest. “We all want to be happy in life and money isn’t going to make us happy,” said Toole.

            Michael Toole enjoyed his time working for almost 40 years within the oil refining business. He is now enjoying his retirement with his wife in Warren, while living his life to the fullest. He will always be grateful for his tie within the oil refining business and the life lessons and skills that it taught him.

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